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Small Businesses

Running a small business is no cakewalk, and especially when you have limited resources, setting up a new small business and operating it demands so much more than mere luck. Whatever the circumstances are, there’s no denying that small businesses are an integral part of the economy as they employ millions of people and contribute to overall industry progress. However, the big question is: “How can SMEs punch above their weight when they have limited resources?” From leveraging employee scheduling software to adopting innovative approaches, here’s what businesses need to thrive on limited resources. 

But first, what are the challenges businesses face with limited resources?

When financial constraints loom large, they restrict the ability of a business to operate within limited resources. From marketing and technology to talent acquisition, without sufficient funds, businesses scramble to compete with larger, better-funded competitors. In addition, limited resources also translate to manpower scarcity. When small businesses operate with lean teams, employees wear multiple hats and handle diverse responsibilities. This leads to burnout, decreased productivity, and difficulty maintaining quality standards or delivering work within the destined timeline. 

How to overcome these challenges?

There are several ways to overcome these challenges and leverage available resources effectively. Here are some strategies and associated tools to help you get started.

Prioritize Lean Principles

When you already have limited resources on deck, the last thing you need is workload being distributed haphazardly or causing  chaos in your workflow. Most businesses hire additional employees during peak hours, but these human resources have to sit idle when the work rush is over. Being a small business, you cannot afford to make this mistake. Optimize processes and minimize unnecessary expenditures to enhance efficiency and drive sustainable growth. 

Linked Tool: eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler is a powerful scheduling software that can help to identify and allocate qualified resources from a centralized database. It has the option of Gantt Charts that can prove invaluable for small businesses facing the challenge of limited resources. 

For one, Gantt charts can provide a visual representation of tasks, timelines, and resource requirements. Project managers and Team leads can leverage the employee scheduling software to see the tasks laid out over time and find out where resources are available more than required and where they are most needed. 

In addition, eResource Scheduler has an intuitive interface that helps organizations prioritize tasks and projects based on their dependencies and identify critical tasks that must be completed in parts. Small businesses can identify pockets of time where they can schedule tasks, optimize resource usage, and avoid bottlenecks. In addition, SMEs can also use the software to streamline their finances and capture the actual time spent on projects. This can allow them to define hourly cost and billing rates, take control of their bottom line, and identify gaps between scheduling and reality. 

Capitalize on Strengths

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is that they focus on what they don’t have instead of working on what they have. SMEs can try to identify and focus on core competencies when they are struggling with limited resources. By honing in on what they do best, enterprises can allocate their resources with more precision, efficiently, and effectively without any potential pitfalls. 

Linked Tool: SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis serves as a strategic planning tool that aids enterprises identify their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. When businesses perform a thorough SWOT analysis with the data extracted from resource scheduling software, they can gain valuable insights into their core competencies, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about resource allocation so that all their resources are used efficiently. 

Use Technology

The conventional spreadsheets or pen-and-paper methods are not going to work anymore. Industry giants have converged on tech-powered initiatives, and you can do it too. Leverage affordable and scalable technology solutions to automate processes, reduce manual errors, and streamline business operations. 

Linked Tool: Effective Resource Mapping Software

Leverage software that can help you identify and schedule resources on projects based on their qualifications, experience, skills, and capacity. Use a resource scheduling software like eResource Scheduler that offers you a centralized data pool coupled with a skill matrix, accessible by all teams for allocating qualified resources on multiple projects. 


When you are at the helm of a small business with finite resources, diving through the treacherous waters of industry challenges can be daunting. Every decision you make can make or break your enterprise. Especially, when resources are tight, implementing strategic approaches and leveraging the right tools is imperative to optimize business operations. In such situations, businesses stand at the crossroads of two paths: 1) sticking with conventional business blueprints to save money, and 2) investing in bleeding-edge technology like resource scheduling software to maximize efficiency and achieve long-term business goals, even with constrained resources. Choose the second option, and get the most out of your available assets without spreading your resources thin or hiring new employees. 

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