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What Steps Should I Take with a Leaking Roof?


Roof leaks can cause a big concern for homeowners. Minor leaks allow snow and rain to enter your house. However, leaks may happen to your room at any time. The best roofing company provides emergency services to repair leakage problems. But, what will you do before hiring those consultants?

Identify the Roof Leaks

You should try to smell musty odors in your house. A must-like smell indicates that your house has water damage. If you have not noticed any water stains, check for odor to detect roof leaks. Efficient roofers can find the source of leaks and repair the roof.

Control the Leaking Water on Your Roof

Leaking water can lead to severe damage to the roof structure. Before the professional roofers arrive at your house, you should try to manage the water. It will reduce the risk of water damage to your property. Use containers to lower the risk of overflowing water.

Reduce Water Pressure if the Ceiling Has a Bulge

Look at the ceiling and determine if there is a sagging bulge. It means the spot is collecting water. You must not make a hole in that part. In case the bulge erupts at any time, it will create a big mess. Take a screwdriver and hit the lowest part of the bulge. Depending on the leak size, you may need to make several punctures. 

Have a Snap of the Damages

This is another significant step for those who experience roof leaks. Before hiring roofers for repairs, you should document the signs of damage. You will need to show photos of water damage while claiming home insurance. It is also essential to take snaps of the damaged property. Some insurance plans cover the roof repair and replacement costs.

Extract Water

Dehumidifiers and wet-dry vacuum cleaning machines help with water extraction from the floor and ceiling. If the water sits for a longer period, it will lead to mold growth. Although the leaking water is not toxic, you must clean it. Use detergents to disinfect the surface with water and bleach. You should also keep the windows open and dry out your house. Use a moisture meter to check the improvement.

Look for Professionals to Repair the Leaking Roof

Roofing experts will identify the source of the leaks by checking the wet parts of your roof. They detect damaged shingles that allow water to enter your house. They will remove the nails and replace those shingles. The new shingles fitted to your roof with nails and cement will solve your leakage problems. 

Sometimes, the caulk needs to be reapplied if there are gaps. So, roofers will check the parts near windows and chimneys. Moreover, they will replace damaged vent boots and install new ones to prevent water from penetrating your holes.

You can now look for the most reliable roofing company to repair the roof leaks. Professional leak repair will save your roof from damage. Certified roofers are trained to repair and replace different types of roofs.

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