What is Biometric Technology for Criminal Registration?

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Law enforcement agencies are required to collect and consolidate a person’s biographic, biometric, and criminal records into a comprehensive database to be able to solve crimes efficiently. Time and accuracy matter a lot when finding a criminal, which requires proper consolidation of data to be able to compare fingerprints, images, and other samples. What nowadays solution allows law enforcement agencies to collect and consolidate data comprehensively?

What is the best solution for data collection and consolidation?

The efficient solution destined for law enforcement agencies is MegaMatcher Criminal Identity Registration System (Criminal IDRS), providing them with possibilities of consolidation and collection of biographic, biometric, and criminal records. The data is crucial for effective and fast crime-solving. Apart from the data consolidation, this biometric technology for criminal registration can also track any corrections in case any inconsistencies or misalignments appear. Thanks to the use of one database, the utilization is easy, with the possibility of referring and comparing the data quickly.

What are the key features and capabilities?

MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS is a provider of multiple biometric modalities that enable capturing and storing high-quality data of face, fingerprint, and palm prints. This comprehensive approach significantly influences the system’s identification capabilities by enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Law enforcement officers use biometric devices such as cameras, fingerprints, and palm print readers to collect and manage data. The data can be stored using digitalized or paper tenprint cards, and different card formats may be used. The technology used checks the biometric data, ensuring constant quality control, and checking for misalignments and fingerprint misplacements. The system is easily customizable to meet the specific requirements of the law enforcement agency. What makes it even more useful for agents is the comprehensive person data modal that the system prepares. See the example here
to understand how the system can be utilized. 

Where can the solution be utilized? 

MegaMatcher Criminal IDRS is used by a multitude of law enforcement agencies which manage criminal records, improve identification accuracy, support investigation, and protect public safety. 

Police departments use the system to capture and store personal information, fingerprints, or mugshots, to support the process of suspect identification, but it also shows the criminal records and biometric data used for the identification of witnesses, and victims of crime. The system can also be used by correctional facilities to facilitate collaboration between prisons, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations.

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