Tips and Tricks for Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup

Here is the complete guide to getting the perfect dark-eye makeup look. You need to learn how to do a smokey eye, whether you’re getting ready for a night out or want to look more glamorous every day. We will teach you everything you need to know to get beautiful, burning eyes that get people’s attention.

Smokey eye makeup has always been popular in beauty because it can make any look more exciting and profound. But many people find it scary to try to learn this technique. Don’t worry, though! You can get a great smokey eye in no time if you know what to do and have the right tools and practice. 

How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup?

To make smokey eyes, you blend dark eyeshadows to create a gradient effect that gives your eyes a smoky, seductive look. Many makeup lovers love it because it’s flexible and can be changed to fit different eye shapes and skin tones. 

Understanding how the smokey eye technique works is essential to get the right look. This means picking out the correct eyeshadow colours, mixing them perfectly, and understanding how to make your eye shape look better for the best effect. As soon as you know these basics, creating beautiful smokey eye looks will be easy. 

Important Products and Tools:

Get your necessary tools and goods together before you start the tutorial. To get the perfect black eye, you’ll need a few essential things: 

The Palette of Eye Shadows

Should you want to give your smokey eye look dimension and depth, choose a palette with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. 

When you put on eyeliner, pick a thick pencil or gel colour for better control and precision. While black is always a good choice for a smokey eye, you can try other dark colours for a new look. 


To finish your smokey eye look, use a volumizing mascara to make your eyelashes look longer and more defined. 

Brushes for Eye Shadow

Buy some good brushes to use for mixing and applying makeup. For a smooth, smokey eye look, you need a fluffy blending brush, a flat makeup brush, and a small detail brush. 


Use an eyeshadow primer to prepare your eyelids before applying eyeshadow to make sure the colour lasts all day and night without creasing. 

Getting Your Canvas Ready for Smokey Eye Makeup:

Before putting on eyeshadow, use a primer to smooth your eyelids. This will help your eyeshadow last longer. This step also keeps the colour from creasing and ensures it stays bright all day or night. 

Putting together the base

As a base, put a neutral eyeshadow colour all over your eyebrows. This will make a smooth canvas easier for the darker shades to mix. 

Shadowing your eyes to add depth

Next, add a darker makeup colour to the outside corner of your eyelids. Depending on your preference, you can gradually make the colour darker or lighter. For a smooth transition, use a fluffy blending brush to blend the colour into the crease. 

Making the Blend Better

It’s essential to mix for a perfect smokey eye. Take your time to make sure there are no harsh lines when you combine the eyeshadows. Smooth, sharp lines with a clean blending brush to get a gradient look. 

Setting the mood with eyeliner

Use a black eyeliner to line your upper lash line. Continue the liner just past the outer corner for a subtle winged effect. You can also smudge the eyeliner to make it look softer or firmer for more drama. 

Getting better with mascara

Add a few coats of volumizing makeup to finish your Smokey Eye Makeup look. Move the wand from the roots to the tips of your eyelashes to get the most thickness and length. 

Drawing Attention to and Defining 

Use a shiny eyeshadow or highlighter on the inner corners and brow bone to make your eyes look brighter and give them more depth. This will finish off the look and make the eyes look bigger. 

The Finishing Touches

Take a step back and look at how great your dark eye looks. Make any necessary changes or touch-ups to ensure it’s perfect. Now you’re ready to show off your beautiful eyes to everyone! 

Smokey Eye Makeup

Things to do and not to do:


  • Mix, mix, mix: To get a perfect smokey eye, you need to blend your eye makeup smoothly. 
  • Play around with colours: Be bold and try different types of eyeshadow to make your looks. 
  • Prepare your eyelids: Always use a makeup primer to ensure the colour lasts all day. 
  • Clever Layering: For a smooth gradient look, build up the strength of your eyeshadows over time. 

Not to Do: 

  • Too Much: Put on only a little at a time, making your face look messy and unattractive. 
  • Don’t Tightline: Lining your upper waterline with mascara helps your eyelashes look bigger and fuller. 
  • Don’t blend it. Step: When doing dark eye makeup, you must agree on everything. Pay attention and mix until it’s smooth. 

Remember your lower lash line. A little makeup or liner on the lower lash line can balance out your look and make your eyes look better. 

How to Fix Problems:

Are you having any problems with your smoky eye look? There are some things you can try to fix: 

  • Going down: Use a transparent powder to set your eyeshadow base so it doesn’t crease. 
  • Fallout: To keep fallout to a minimum, tap off any extra product on your brushes before adding eyeshadow. 
  • Blending that isn’t even: Soften hard lines with a clean blending brush and mix until the line is gone. 


If you have the right tools and skills, getting good at smokey eye makeup is easier than you think. These tips and tricks will help you get beautiful, seductive eyes that steal the show, no matter your experience. Allow your imagination to run wild, and rock that smokey eye with pride! 


How can I make my dark eye makeup last longer? 

To make your smokey eye makeup last longer, use an eyeshadow primer to make the base smooth, and then set your eyeshadows with a clear powder to keep the colour in place.

Can dark eyes be worn during the day? 

Of course! Choose lighter shades and softer applications for a smokey eye look that is good for daytime.

What shades of eyeshadow work best for a smokey eye? 

If you want to try something different with your smokey eye, you can use deep browns, plums, or even jewel tones instead of black and grey.

How can I keep my eyeliner from smudging all day?

To keep your eyeliner from smudging and make it last longer, set it with a makeup powder that matches or a translucent powder.

Can I use just one eyeshadow set to make smokey eyes?

Of course! For a smokey eye look with dimension and depth, look for a palette with shades like light, medium, and dark colours.

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