Top In-Demand Tech Skills to Learn in 2024

Top In-Demand Tech Skills to Learn in 2024

The tech landscape is known to be fast-paced and dynamic, with innovative advancements like Generative AI transforming the entire landscape. If you plan on choosing tech as your field, you should have an aptitude for keeping up because it is a fast-paced domain, with new trends reshaping it every year. We have compiled the top tech skills which are in demand for the year 2024 which can help you start out.

In the recent months, the domain of tech has experienced a turbulent shift towards skill-based hiring, a monumental deviation from the traditional degree-based hiring. This comes as an incredible news for skilled individuals who could not make it through college. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the tech industry is set for significant growth, at least until the year 2032. Which means, we will see nearly 377,500 job openings in the industry every year. If you want to be the one to secure one of these openings and are unable to decide which skill you should actively pursue, we are here to help. 

Don’t worry, some of them are notoriously easy to learn. This list is also for the people who are looking to switch careers or just enhance their resumes. From blockchain to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the world is your oyster. But before we get to the list, let us discuss a soft skill first that is pivotal to your career growth.

Self-Learning: A Soft-Skill to Have in 2024

Even though this blog is about hard related to tech skills, we wanted to discuss a soft-skill first which will empower you to learn any skill you want, from any domain. Self-learning is the art of being your own teacher. You teach yourself at your own pace, keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind. It is an essential skill to have because learning is a lifelong commitment and tech is an ever-evolving field which means in order to progress, you will have to keep up with the latest advancements and software updates. 

The best thing about excelling at self-learning is that you can learn whatever you want, from the comfort of your home, in a flexible manner. You can set challenges for yourself and make clear, attainable goals. Self-learning also enables you to create learning schedules which suit your daily routine.

All you need is a bagful of motivation and discipline, a trusty notebook, a pen, a computer device and a high-speed internet connection which won’t drain you with the never-ending buffering. For that, we recommend looking into Xfinity. As one of the largest Internet Service Providers in the US, it provides consistently reliable internet, which will not set you back on your course progress. To get lighting fast internet speeds for an enhanced self-learning experience, you can have a look at Xfinity internet plans.

Now let’s get to the top tech skills which you should learn, for a successful and sustainable career in tech.


Cyberattacks have been evolving in their stature and even incorporating AI to maliciously target data assets of organizations and individuals. Therefore, Cybersecurity is a top priority for majority of the organizations. It is a skill to learn this year, with various options to explore, like risk assessment, network security, ethical hacking and NIST Cybersecurity Framework. To pursue this skill, we recommend you to develop a strong foundation in networking and IT, to allow you to grasp better the intricacies of various security infrastructures. 

Deep Learning

As a subset of Machine Learning, it works to recreate the neurons present in the human brain through neural networks to create patterns in machines. This skill works to enable machines to learn complex concepts through multi-layered neural networks which simulate the complex decision making abilities of humans. To learn Deep Learning, you need to have a strong foundation in Mathematics, Basic Statistics, Linear Algebra and Calculus.

Data Science

As the world become more and more data-driven, Data Science is a skill that is going to stay in demand because organizations will keep looking for someone to manage and make use of their data assets. It requires an insightful mix of Mathematics, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Python.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the science behind business process automation. With increased focus on digital transformation led business productivity, organizations are rapidly turning towards automation to save time and free up their employees for more meaningful tasks. RPA builds workflows which mitigate human errors and optimize work efficiency. Learning options for RPA includes online courses to learn applications like the Power Platform which can allow you to build, deploy and effortlessly manage software robots which enable process automation. To be successful, you need to have an aptitude for strategic planning, problem solving, analytical thinking and proficiency in C++, Python and Java.


With the advent of cryptocurrency and the global use of Bitcoin, Ethereum etc., blockchain is gaining popularity. As a decentralized digital ledger, it works to ensure transparency with the help of nodes which record and verify every transaction. Due to the extremely secure nature, it is gaining traction, especially for banks and major organizations’ financial processes. To blockchain, you need to develop an understanding of fundamentals of blockchain like public-key encryption, cryptography, consensus, decentralization etc. 

Apart from these major technologies, skills like digital marketing, UX Design, Computer Vision etc. are also in demand.

Wrapping Up

The world of tech is rapidly evolving and in order to sustain in this dynamic landscape, it is crucial to make yourself irreplaceable by developing a skill set hard to ignore. These skills are for everyone, Mathematics enthusiasts, programmers, creative professionals and even for people without a technical degree. This just goes on without saying that the domain of tech is here to accommodate everyone, despite their educational backgrounds.

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