Top 5 Essential Features That You Can Enjoy On Your Smart TV

Smart TV

We have all heard of smart TVs being the best option for us when looking to buy a new television for our home. It’s still important for you to do your proper research before you start investing in one. Some people, who are not very tech-savvy, find it challenging to find the best smart TV. Fortunately, for you, we do know the best features you can enjoy with a smart TV.

We have listed 5 essential features in smart TV that can improve your TV-viewing experience. Whether you already own a new smart TV and are interested in learning about utilizing the smart TV in the best possible way, or you are looking to buy a new one, check out the following features:

Smart TVs Use Internet Connection

You may be asking, why we need internet connection in a TV when we can already do it with other smart devices like phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs. 

The answer to this is simply: just like the internet has made life easier through phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs, internet connection in smart TVs can open you to a whole world of entertainment, gaming, shopping, social media, emails, video conferencing, and many more. 

Also, smart TVs allow you to access news, sports, and streaming platforms all through an internet connection. For instance, attaching your Xbox with smart TV and connecting to an internet like Xfinity will make it easy for you to access your favorite games. Alternatively, you can open the Netflix app on your smart TV and start streaming the weekly releases. 

Smart TVs Have App Store

Just like you can access various apps on your phones, laptops or tablets, you can also do the same on your smart TV now. This makes smart TV more than just a traditional television. 

This feature allows you to easily download compatible apps on your smart TV. Some of the most popular apps that are pre-downloaded by default are streaming apps such as Hulu, Netflix, ESPN Live, Spotify, etc. 

The app store on your smart TV customizes all your downloaded and installed apps into a more personalized way to make the whole streaming experience convenient for you. You can also set automatic updates for these apps as well as lock/unlock or remove an app.

Hence, not only can you manage your entertainment experiences through phones or laptops, you can also decide on multiple viewing options through apps on your smart TV.

Smart TVs Allow Screen Mirroring

Another way that smart TV has revolutionized the way we watch television is introducing screen mirroring. 

If you don’t already know, screen mirroring is an amazing feature that can be enabled for the smart TV to mirror a phone, tablet, or laptop. Whatever you are watching on your phone, tablet, or laptop can also be viewed on your smart TV. Amazing, right?

Imagine family gatherings where all your friends, cousins and family members are huddled around your TV lounge and you can view the newest wedding or vacation photos for everyone to see. All you need to do is open them on your phone, tablet or laptop, and then activate screen mirroring to view these photos on your large smart TV screen!

Play Games on Your Smart TV

You don’t only stream your favorite movies and TV programs on the smart TV. You can also take your gaming experience to the next level by connecting your gaming consoles to the smart TV. 

Smart TV comes in a range of sizes, from 43 inches to 85 inches or even more. So you can choose the screen size according to your needs and budget. Plus, with bigger screens, smart TV is great for multiplayer games.

Since your games require heavy processors, you can also get the same in smart TV so that you can have a smooth gameplay. From so many options of smart TV available, go for the one with higher refresh rate, lower input lag, and higher resolution for smooth and responsive game play. 

What’s even better is that the larger the screen of the smart TV, the better and more realistic the fantasy worlds in games seem.

Smart TV Offers Amazing Picture Quality 

Smart TV offers 4K ultra HD picture quality, which is four times better than the resolution of a standard HD picture quality. All those TV series or movies tagged as 4K on Netflix? They are all designed for such a smart TV. 

4K Ultra HD or 4K UHD means a display resolution of approx. 4000 pixels. A standard HD is 1080p. The 4K version offers a sharper and more detailed image on the screen for an immersive viewing expeirence. 

A lot of movies and TV shows that you watch on cable TV or streaming aren’t in 4K resolution. But with a smart TV, you can view more refined and sharper images. 

Wrapping Up

With so many options of movies, TV shows, and games to stream, it’s time for you to make the switch to a smart TV for your convenience. Connect the smart TV to the internet, sign in to Netflix, and enjoy your viewing experiences in 4K!

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