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The Journey of Home Construction and its Challenges

Home Construction

A home is a place where people can live safely, happily, and peacefully. Good home construction means constructing a home that is safe, durable, comfortable, and efficient. The safety of a home’s occupants is the first and foremost factor. A home should adhere to various building codes and standards to bear natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and rain storms. 

Secondly, high-quality materials should be used in the construction that contributes to the longevity of the home. If you are not sure about choosing the best materials at minimum cost for your construction project, then construction estimating services can help you a lot. 

Steps to Complete a Home’s Construction 

The construction of a home involves different steps from easy to critical ones. All the stages need careful planning and accurate executions. Here are 11 steps to construct a new home:

1. Planning and Design

Every construction work starts from planning followed by designing the maps. After the purchasing of land for the home, the design works begin. In which architects create blueprints and floor plans that meet homeowner’s needs and budgets. An architect also ensures all the building codes and standards for protection in case of any disaster. After that, the site contractor obtains necessary permits and approvals from the local authorities to begin the site work.

2. Site Preparation

After obtaining construction permissions, the site is cleared for construction and the trees, plants, rocks, or any debris are removed. After the contractor levels up the land for a stable foundation. 

3. Foundation Construction

A strong foundation is the only reason behind the sustainable and durable home. For the foundations, trenches, and holes are dug into the land. Then concrete is poured into the footings to build the foundation walls. These foundation walls include slabs, a crawl space, and a basement. 

4. Framing

The concrete column is then constructed followed by filling up the spaces with walls. The walls may be formed by using bricks or blocks. In the case of wooden homes, trusses or rafters are installed of concrete and bricks to make the structure. After that the walls are covered with drywalls and the roof is covered with plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).

5. Utilities Installation

The venting system then begins in which all kinds of pipework are done. Including water supply, electrical wirings, lighting, and appliances. The HVAC units are also installed in this stage of construction. 

6. Exterior Work

In exterior works, the roofing, siding, and doors & windows are added. Roofing exterior work involves tiles, shingles, or other roofing materials. The walls are finished with vinyl, bricks, or wooden sidings. 

7. Interior Work

The interior work involves the wall & floor insulations, drywall works on walls and ceilings, and laying down flooring materials such as hardwood, tile, and carpets. 

8. Finishing

The finishing of the house depends upon the homeowner’s specific needs. But in general baseboards, crown molding, paint walls, ceiling paints, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and countertops are done. 

9. Final Touches

Most construction is done here. Now the electrical appliances are installed. Such as lights, bulbs, plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances, trees and shrubs, and installing walkways and driveways.

10. Inspection and Final Approval

After the completion of the construction, the contractor finally inspects the home before handing it over to the owner. He ensures that all the items are properly placed in compliance with building codes. He then obtains a certificate of occupancy from the local authorities that the home is safe and ready to live in. It is not possible at all to complete all the above stages without any hurdles. So a good Construction estimating company can only provide accurate and precise estimates to complete the project on time within the budget. Let’s explore what are the main hurdles that can interrupt the construction project. 

Potential Issues During Home’s Construction

The construction of a home is not a smooth process. There are a number of challenges waiting for you during construction. If you are planning to construct a new home, then you will have to go through a number of challenges that can impact the project’s cost, timeline, and overall success of the project. These potential challenges are:

Supply Chain Issues

Construction projects involve the usage of different building materials. The delivery of these materials on time is crucial for the timely completion of the project. 

Labor Shortage

The availability of skilled workers on the construction site is also a crucial requirement of the construction project. Untrained workers are less efficient and result in more time consumption and prolonged construction timelines. 

Increasing Costs 

The construction project has a fixed allocated budget. But sometimes the costs of construction materials and labor costs may fluctuate due to numerous reasons. These situations can disturb the budget and profit goals. In this situation, Construction cost estimating services can provide complete assistance to effectively deal with cost challenges. 

Necessary Approvals

A construction site is dependent on various approvals and permits; these procedures can cause time delays. 

Design & Planning

The home’s design is one of the big challenges. Sometimes the homeowner wants a design that does not fit in the budget goals. Therefore it is a big task for a contractor to prepare a design that meets with the homeowner’s wishes and also follows the budget limits. 

Quality Control

The home construction involves various services from different subcontractors. Therefore managing each of the subcontractor’s services and ensuring their quality is a difficult task. 

Weather Conditions

A construction project is more likely to be influenced due to weather conditions. Bad weather conditions can disturb the project; ‘s timelines. 

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