Internet Security | How to Protect your Data and Devices?

Internet Security

We live in an era in which the network of networks is the command center of practically all the activities we carry out daily, the Internet has become an indispensable tool in our lives for some years now. From contact with family, friends, co-workers to financial activities, such as making a payment, moving money anywhere in the world in seconds, among many other very useful features for Internet Security.

In the article that we leave you, we will evaluate and explain the appropriate precautions and measures, to minimize as much as possible and be affected by any of these threats in Internet Security.

Main threat, hacking of accounts on social networks and email

Without a doubt, this is one of the main threats on the Internet, presenting progressive growth directly related to the increase in online users. For this reason, it is very important that the user verify carefully when trying to recover the account, be careful with the ” I forgot my password” link. Hackers usually use this type of infiltration very often to obtain user data, which is called phishing.

Among other methods used to violate the security of users on the Internet, we are going to list the most common dangers that we can encounter on the Internet.

Malicious software and tools:

We must be careful with the links we receive via email or on any of the social networks, even if it is a message from someone, we know who is in our contacts, we must carefully analyze the url and what ending it ends, if we are not sure Whether or not you open the link, it is advisable to contact the person who sent it to be sure that it is reliable.

Identity theft on social networks:

This is another of the methods preferred by hackers, with this technique, they can appropriate the data or credentials of the hacked account, having great possibilities of breaking the security of even financial accounts, if the person does not realize it in time.

Fraudulent romantic dates: 

This technique is mostly used with mature people who do not have much knowledge in technology and who feel alone or lack love or attention, to be deceived by people, for some type of scam and even to threaten the security and physical integrity, if the last steps of this technique are reached.

Fake or cloned websites of the originals:

 Another methodology currently used, with the appropriate tools, a hacker can clone an official website of a company or platform, managing to take over the credentials of the person attacked or infiltrated by the interested party.

Basic measures to take to protect ourselves in cyberspace

There are many measures that must be taken into account when forming a secure and robust password that is difficult to break, among the main ones are:

Establish a systematic plan for your passwords

It is advisable to take very seriously the construction of secure passwords that guarantee easy infiltration by malicious users. According to statistics carried out by large international platforms such as Meta, Amazon and Microsoft, among others, the majority of users set passwords that are relatively easy to break. such as birthday dates, first and last name initials, popular mascots, which are definitely vulnerable to any digital tool today.

Unique passwords with some parameters to follow

The main recommendation is to set unique and different passwords, containing letters and numbers, upper and lower case, some special alphanumeric code and at least 8 digits long. Also, the implementation of 2-factor authentication will help us keep the passwords of our accounts safe.

Maintain original and updated software

Definitely, it is not a good idea to activate the software we use on our devices with cracks or patches. You can still see the number of users on the Internet who use non-original and fraudulently activated programs. This is definitely a time bomb that It can explode at any time for users who have these habits.

Maintain security tools for better protection

We strongly recommend that it is appropriate to keep good antivirus and antispyware software on our devices to be more at ease with the security of the devices. Frankly, the cost of a good antivirus is very economical, compared to how damaging the intrusion of an intrusion would be. viruses, some of which are lethal and dangerous, such as the well-known ransomware, which has caused so many millions of dollars in losses to countless affected companies and online platforms.

Final considerations

We must be clear that the t Technology is here to stay in our daily lives and is a crucial aspect for the development of all the activities we carry out daily, which is why we must adapt seriously and responsibly to maintaining the safety of ourselves and the people around us. Let us remember that online security is everyone’s responsibility and is almost a duty to protect our own privacy and security and the people around us.

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