Driving | Why Women And Men Behave Differently?

Women And Men

Women And Men differ not only in biological aspects and physical appearance but also in brain activity and behavioral styles. This also translates to how each gender operates tools and equipment quite differently even if they have the same experience. This observation is no different when it comes to driving. Statistically, there are more male drivers than females because men tend to exhibit more skill and confidence on the road. However, regardless of whatever skill and confidence men may have, the fact that they tend to drive more aggressively, take more risks, drink more, speed more, and drive more miles than women undermines their success making them more vulnerable to accidents than women.

Even though there are more skilled male drivers than women, men are more likely to die behind the wheel than women. In fact, there are three times more male drivers killed than female drivers. One major reason for this is that men are more likely to engage in unsafe driving, drive late at night, drive in more uncomfortable situations, and drive in a strange environment. One sure way to mitigate the risks of accidents, especially in a strange environment is by hiring a car hire with driver in Dubai

Although women are often stereotyped as bad drivers, the reality is they are safer drivers than men. Psychologists wonder if women buy into the idea of being bad drivers and tend to be more careful on the road. Not to mention, women are generally more cautious than men and would obey traffic rules, and wear helmets, and seatbelts while driving.

Who Are Better Drivers – Men Or Women

The debate about who makes better drivers between men and women has been a longstanding one. But ‘better’ can be interpreted in more than one way which could either mean ‘more skilled’, or ‘safer’. Now let’s take a look at the statistics of driving and car rental UAE. It has been recorded that on average more men pass the driving test for the first time than women and because men usually start driving at an earlier age, they have more experience as well. But when it comes to safe driving, men are not in luck. 

Interestingly, the first step in measuring how good a person is at something is that they dont kill other people or themselves at least while doing it, but men tend to fall short in this regard. According to a survey by, men make approximately twice as many accidents as their female counterparts and that’s not all. Accidents caused by males tend to be more fatal and cost more for insurance making women cheaper to insure. 

Men also tend to disobey traffic rules more often and display aggressive behaviors behind the wheel while women tend to be more calm, composed, and less likely to engage in risky overtaking while driving. 

However, given the above deductions, there is no way to come to a strong conclusion on which gender is the better driver as men have strong suits in terms of experience and driving under pressure and women in terms of safety and precaution. 


Men and women operate differently when it comes to driving. While men may be more confident in their driving skills and are more capable of handling adverse conditions while driving, women are more cautious or in other words, fearful and therefore be more careful while driving. When women drive, they often do so at reduced speeds while obeying traffic laws and expressing more utilitarianism. 

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