Which Types of Cellulite Treatments Really Work

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Clients and dermatologists alike have been grappling with different types of treatment for cellulite and researching the different types of treatment available, so if you’re looking to render cellulite less noticeable or diminish it altogether look no further as we explore the different beauty options available today. 

But firstly, what exactly is cellulite? And why do so many Australians suffer from it? 

As fat cells increase in the body, they tend up against the skin surface as the connective tissue pulls down creating a perfectly natural uneven skin surface or dimpling. A totally harmless and common skin condition that usually affects the thighs, hips, and abdomen. Approximately 90% of women in Australia will have some form of cellulite and some will seek cellulite treatment in Sydney.      

What treatments are out there? Here’s a list of the more common practices.   

Laser Treatment

There’s more than one type of laser treatment available. The less invasive approach known as cellulaze employs a miniscule laser inserted beneath the skin epidermis and when fired, the energy breaks up the hard matter that causes cellulite to be visible. This approach also thickens the outer layer of skin making it less vulnerable to the appearance of cellulite. 

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Several sessions are required using a handheld device that uses audio waves to break up cellulite. Studies have proven that this method is effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite.  


Also called Cellfina and probably not for the squeamish this procedure involves inserting a needle just below the skin to loosen the tough bands of tissue that render cellulite visible. Results can last up to two years and the majority of clients that receive this method of treatment are satisfied with the results.   

Vacuum-assisted tissue release

A skilled dermatologist will use an instrument to cut through the tough bands of tissue causing the replacement tissue to shift upwards and smooth out the dimpled skin. 

Diet and Exercise

Carrying some extra weight has the disadvantage of making cellulite more visible. One non-cosmetic solution to removing the signs of cellulite is to maintain a healthy weight, the downside to this approach is the rapid loss of weight may result in loose skin making cellulite more noticeable. A holistic approach to diet along with a regular workout routine can tone muscles making skin naturally firmer and smoother.     

Creams and lotions

Although some claim to have significant results from creams and lotions there is little to no scientific proof that cellulite creams are effective in getting rid of cellulite or reducing its appearance. Some creams may even cause rashes or skin irritations due to their chemical content. 


By heating the affected area this method may use a combination of radiofrequency along with laser, suction, and massage, to target and diminish the signs of cellulite. While the above list includes some of the more popular approaches to treating cellulite be wary of untested treatments that may seem on the surface to be a miracle cure to what is a very common and treatable skin condition.

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