Top 5 Ways Men Can Style Their Kurtas This Festive Season

Style Their Kurtas

You can always go right with Kurta. No need to hassle over getting the right cloth and getting it stitched. A few brands, like Maria B Canada, have launched the finest collections this festive season. So, say goodbye to spending hours pondering how to style your kurta and follow this guide. 

Let’s Start with the Basics 

You need to check a few boxes when looking for the right match. They include the style, fabric, colour, print/embroidery, and occasion.  

Before, the only generic way to wear a kurta was with a shalwar. But now, there are way too many options to select from. You can be adventurous and wear pyjamas, churidarschuridars or even sleek denim jeans. It is all about how you style it. 

Types of Kurta Pajama:

Before selecting a kurta, know there are various kinds of kurtas styled with different types of pyjamas, each specific for a specific occasion. Here are a few to select from: 

  • High-Low Kurta Pajama 
  • Wedding Kurta Pajama 
  • Fancy Kurta Pajama 
  • Cotton Kurta Pajama 
  • Pathani Kurta Pajama 
  • Printed Kurta Pajama 
  • Bandhgala Kurta Pajama 
  • Churidar Kurta Pajama 
  • Half Sleeves Striped Kurta 
  • Plus size Casual Kurta for Daily Wear 
  • Denim Kurta 
  • Bandhani Kurta 
  • V neck Kurtas 
  • Woolen Checks Kurta 

The type of pyjamas you select depends on your preference and personality. There is no right or wrong; it all comes down to what you can pull off. 

All About the Footwork 

Matching the right footwear is essential for your overall outfit. Here are a few ways you can style appropriate footwear with your kurta: 


Investing in a pair of sliders can always go right. A pair of leather slides styled with a kurta and jeans are a sure way of getting praise from everyone.  


A classic pair of juttis is sure to make your relatives proud. Why shy away from your heritage? They are sure to bring a classic elegance to your fit. 

Kolhapuri Chappal:

The safest way to get a satisfactory smile from your mother is by going traditional and wearing a Kolhapur chappal with your kurta. 


Laced-up high or low boots will be perfect if you plan on styling your kurta with jeans.  


Let’s remember Gen-Z. They have made it their mission to style every single outfit with a pair of sneakers. And the fascinating part? They can pull it off well.  

The right pair of shoes will make or break your outfit. So, pick wisely.  

Don’t Forget to Accessorize 

No matter the outfit, accessories are always essential to enhance it. 


Sunglasses with desi looks have been considered cool for quite some time now. Make sure you pick one that fits your face shape and cut. You can even try out different colours for that popping effect.  

Pocket Squares:

If you are styling your kurta with a blazer or a jacket, a pocket square is a sure way for a graceful finish.  

Bracelets and Watches:

Who says bracelets are designed only for women? Black beaded and leather bracelets with rolled-up sleeves add a trendy vibe to your fit. If you prefer a more refined look, go for a watch (preferably a bigger dial). Try different colours according to your fit.  

Summing Up… 

You have a lot of options to choose from this festive season which debunks the opinion that kurta for men are boring. Use this guide to style them in a way that you can proudly post pictures of at the end of the day. Make your OOTD (outfit of the day) worth it! 

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