The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Your Best Hairstyle

Best Hairstyle

If you’re seeking for a Hairstyle that naturally flatters your face shape, you’ve come to the correct place. In this post, I’ll provide you with some crucial ideas for choosing a haircut that compliments your face, highlights your best features, and gives you a magnetic appeal.

The most frequent facial shapes include heart, long, diamond, oval, round, and square. Assuming you already know your face shape, read on to discover the ideal haircut!

Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is very delicate and feminine. The haircut goal for a heart-shaped face is to draw attention to the eyes and the cheekbones, for this reason opting for bangs, or more volume around the sides of the face-like layers will complement the features of this shape.

This face shape will also benefit from shorter styles, and can even go shorter than the chin, to enhance this region of the face. Inward layers will also greatly enhance this face shape by making the chin very visible.

Diamond Face Shape

This face shape will benefit from adding volume to the top of the head to balance the lower part of the face. Asymmetrical bangs can visibly make the center line look longer. If the face appears long, then the goal is to shorten the vertical center line by adding bangs, for example.

Thick, huge, middle bangs with no split will make your face appear shorter. This face shape needs to avoid wearing long, sleek cuts without layers because they will simply elongate the face even more.

Long Face Shape

Because this facial shape is already lengthy, it does not require long, straight hair. This hairstyle will just make this facial shape appear longer. As a result, shorter haircuts and mid-length cuts, as well as blowouts and cuts with lots of volume, are the ideal options. This face shape also works well with bangs.

Oval Face Shape

Fortunately, this face type is quite easy to flatter, and most hairstyles will look fantastic! Find a cut and style that complements your hair texture, and feel free to experiment with different cuts. The ultimate secret to unlocking that hairstyle is that if there are some features of your face you want to enhance or downplay, you can play with various cuts to hide or visually correct the eye.

Round Face Shape

To enhance features and create more harmony, opt for a hair length that is below the chin. If your hair texture is curly or wavy, shorter styles may add more width to the cheek area. Ultimately, the goal is to add volume on top and elongate the face.

For styling tips, this face shape should curl hair towards the outside, and layers will also be a great option. Bangs should always be split in the middle to break the circular features up. This face shape should avoid bob cuts, which will make the face seem even rounder.

Square Face Shape

To create more balance, look for haircuts that tone down a strong, angular jaw. In this face shape, the jaw bone is very visible. To get this look, experiment with textures such as layers, choppy ends, and curls. Avoid chin-length haircuts because they accentuate the jawline even more; instead, opt for shoulder-length or longer hair.

Essentially, the longer the hair, the narrower the jawline will become. Is your forehead a bit large? Face shapes with a wide forehead benefit considerably from bangs, which improve optical balance.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which part of your unique face you want to enhance and highlight and which part you would like to downplay! A great last-minute tip is to Google celebrities who have your face shape.

Remember, that they work with some of the most famous stylists in the world and you can learn a lot about hairstyles simply by mirroring their looks.

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