The Many Benefits Of Using Shotcreting In The Construction & Mining Sectors In Australia


If you are not familiar with this word then you should know that Shotcreting is a name given to concrete that is sprayed pneumatically at very high speeds onto many different kinds of surfaces. It is used as a tried and tested construction technique that has been in use for over 100 years and it is further strengthened by using things like steel rods, steel mesh and many different fibres. Its main selling point is that it can be spread onto any type of surface no matter what shape that it is and it is perfect for dealing with vertical areas that are hard to reach and over your head as well.

Many people refer to it as a type of concrete but it isn’t and it refers to the method in which the concrete is applied at any site. It is a procedure that is used by Terracon Civil which is a business that has been operating for some time now with many happy customers under its belt. It likes to use the best methods possible to get the job done properly and to get the job done quickly. Shotcreting has many uses and we will explore some of them here today.

  • Perfect for swimming pools – Many homes have their fair share of swimming pools here in Australia and so we want an area that is both strong and has very low permeability. This is why we use this method because it doesn’t matter what shape the swimming pool is because this method can be used alongside steel reinforcement to create the perfect swimming pool for you and your other family members.
  • When compaction cannot be completed – There are some jobs where the formwork cannot be put in place probably and the same applies to the compaction that is needed. This is when this method is perfect because you can spread the concrete onto any surface at really high speeds and so it is perfect for things like building tunnels or erecting a retaining wall.
  • It’s great for decoration – If it is your wish to have something constructive around your business property that helps to bring attention to it then shotcreting is the perfect application. It is used extensively in places like theme parks and if you took the time to find out, you would know that it is used all over Disney World especially for any water features like Splash Mountain.
  • It’s perfect for stabilisation – If you are driving along a local highway in Australia where there are mountains are steep hills on either side, you will notice that they have used shotcrete to stabilise the area near the road itself. This stops loose items like rocks and stones falling down to road level.

This is why many people use shotcrete because it is a material that is structurally sound and it bonds beautifully to concrete that is already there, large rocks and steel supports. It has strength and resistance for all projects. 

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