Oval or Round Above Ground Pools | Which One is Better?

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Thinking of purchasing an above-ground swimming pool? That’s fantastic! Uncertain about the shape to choose? That’s acceptable as well.

Although people prefer to make their choices regardless of critical factors, one must factor in certain circumstances when choosing. Therefore, the issue is about which type is better for you, given your unique circumstances. To help you decide, we’ve written this round versus oval above ground pool comparison article. The information we share in this piece will help you make the right choice. 

But first, let’s reveal a little shopping secret. Above-ground swimming pools often suffer delays in production and shipping. This increase in demand happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resin pools that are semi-submerged and suitable for saltwater, for instance, might have you waiting for a longer time.

If you can’t wait to start having fun, it’s best to make your purchase early. Pools that are often bought during the springtime or summertime can be used for several weeks in the same year. However, you need to understand that the industry as a whole is currently several weeks or months behind. Therefore, you should buy your pool before you begin construction—three to six months ahead of time is the best shopping strategy you can have. 

Benefits of Choosing the Round Option

Price is the main factor in homeowners’ preference for the round option over oval ones. That might not come as a surprise, but the total amount you could save might surprise you. Round pools offer the highest value per gallon since they offer more swimming zones at a reduced cost. 

When you put it this way, an 18-inch round pool costs about $1,000 less than a 12-inch by 24-inch oval pool while still providing the same amount of swimming space. That’s a significant price increase for what is essentially just a shape difference. This indicates that bigger round pools are far more economical for the ordinary budget than even smaller to medium-sized oval pools. The savings don’t end there—that’s the pool itself.

If you intend to have the pool installed by a professional, installing a round pool will typically cost around half as much as installing an oval pool of a similar size. This is because a circular pool is significantly simpler to put together. Because of the way the design allows water to freely flow, above-ground round pools don’t need a support system to be assembled.

Finally, in terms of expense, the round option liners are less expensive than the oval ones. This is important if you need to replace your liner. When you add the price of the swimming pool, the cost of installation, and perhaps a replacement liner later on, your pocket is bound to support the round alternative. 

If you intend to install a pool yourself, a round pool is far more doable. You can visit for general tips on installing an above ground pool. The main causes of this are the absence of the support straps that are usually under the swimming pool, which are necessary for the majority of oval pools, and the previously mentioned support system.

In addition, compared to their oval counterparts, round installations are more forgiving. This is because they have a larger margin of error. Therefore, installing a rounded above-ground pool takes a shorter amount of time than installing an elliptical pool.

Benefits of Choosing an Oval Option 

Your options for the form of your pool may be influenced by many landscape factors. An oval swimming pool will usually fit better in a yard that is longer than it is wide. If you have a small yard space, you can read this article to learn how to make it bigger. This shape will give you more swimming room in the existing space. 

This may also apply to current yard elements, including fences, detached garages, septic tanks, electricity lines, and other stand-alone buildings, as well as yard layout, trees, and property lines. This may also simply come down to the fact that many contemporary backyards are more on the narrow side. Most residences these days allot less area for the yard compared to the main living areas. 

Many oval pools with buttress systems require a significant amount of area. However, there are now a number of models with buttress-free support systems that require less space. Using such models will save you about 2 inches to 3 inches on the area surrounding your pool. This is perfect if you need a bigger swimming area or are trying to fit the new swimming pool into your small available space. 

Another major factor in people’s decision to install an oval pool is exercise and extra space for play. They are excellent for water volleyball games, in addition to providing lengthy sections of water for swimming laps. Although a round pool can theoretically possess an end that is deeper, it doesn’t possess similar features as an oval pool. 

These pools allow you to play more games and tread more, which leads to greater calorie burning. If your yard and finances aren’t really helping you make this decision, it boils down to your personal taste. In situations like this, we usually advise starting with the product model you adore the most and working your way up.


In the article above, we’ve detailed the benefits of a round above ground pool. We also did the same for an oval above ground pool. With this information, you can choose which one is best for you.

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