Moreton Bay Bug | The Best Seafood Dishes to Prepare

Moreton Bay Bug

When you’re out in a seafood restaurant, it’s hard to ignore the sweet, succulent taste of Moreton Bay bugs. Blessed are the Aussies then, as these crustaceans are native to the coastal waters of their home country.

While Moreton Bay bugs are typically seen on menus of seafood restaurants, you can actually prepare them from the comfort of your home. Thanks to online seafood markets like Manettas, you can also buy Moreton Bay bugs online, so you won’t have to go outside. But what can you do with such an already delicious seafood option? Here are some dishes and cooking methods you can try to further elevate its taste!

Grilling or Barbecuing

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Moreton Bay Bugs is by grilling or barbecuing them. Their firm flesh holds up well to high heat, resulting in a caramelised exterior and a tender, flavourful interior. A squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of salt are often all that’s needed to complement the natural sweetness of the meat, making it a favourite choice for beachside cookouts and casual gatherings.

In Garlic Butter Sauce

The rich, buttery sauce enhances the natural sweetness of the meat, creating a luxurious indulgence that is sure to impress even the most discerning palate. Served with crusty bread or over a bed of pasta, this dish is a celebration of flavour and texture.


In risotto, the delicate meat of Moreton Bay bugs is paired with creamy Arborio rice and fragrant herbs. The sweetness of the bug meat infuses the risotto with a depth of flavour, while the tender texture adds a satisfying contrast to the creamy rice. Finished with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and a drizzle of olive oil, this dish is a comforting yet elegant choice for any occasion.


For those seeking a taste of the exotic, Moreton Bay bug curry offers a tantalising blend of spices and flavours. Simmered in a fragrant curry sauce with coconut milk, tomatoes and aromatics, the bug meat becomes infused with the vibrant taste of the spices, creating a dish that is both comforting and adventurous. 

Served with steamed rice or naan bread, this curry is sure to transport diners to distant shores with its exotic aroma and tantalising taste.

Just About Anything!

In addition to these traditional preparations, Moreton Bay bugs can also be used in innovative dishes that showcase their versatility. Bug tail tacos, bug and avocado salad, and bug linguine with chilli and lime are just a few examples of how chefs are incorporating these delectable crustaceans into contemporary cuisine. 


In this refreshing and zesty preparation, the bug tails are marinated in a tangy blend of lime juice, cilantro, onions and chilli peppers. The acidity of the lime juice ‘cooks’ the bug meat, resulting in a tender texture and bright, citrusy flavour. 

Served chilled with crispy tortilla chips or atop a bed of fresh greens, bug tail ceviche is a perfect choice for warm weather gatherings or as a light and refreshing appetiser. 

Buy Moreton Bay Bugs and Prepare Delicious Dishes at Home

Grilled, sautéed or simmered in a savoury sauce—Moreton Bay bugs are a culinary treasure not just for their taste but also for their versatility. If this seafood wonder delights you, try buying Moreton Bay bugs online and prepare them for your next dinner with family or friends!

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