Innovative Culinary Techniques in Modern Cuisine


Modern cooking is evolving as rapidly as science is meeting culinary to create something extraordinary. 

Using advanced equipment and ingredients like fruit purees for baking to create complex dishes can easily win the eyes, taste buds, and hearts. But with this innovation, it is becoming quite tough to keep up with the latest trends to recreate a dish.

However, fear not. In this article, we will delve into various techniques and modernist cooking in the culinary industry. Read on to elevate your cooking game to the next level.

Molecular Gastronomy 

Molecular Gastronomy is a branch of the culinary arts that emphasizes producing chemical and physical changes in food to give it a new form.

This approach has led to the introduction of new tools, ingredients, and techniques to restaurant kitchens to create old and new recipes. The trend started in the early 2000s by chefs and is referred to as molecular cooking. 

For example, adding gas such as CO2 to pureed foods to get foams or using maltodextrin to transform a high-fat food like olive oil. 

Sous-vide cooking 

The term represents slow cooking of various ingredients for a long period. The main purpose of slow cooking is to enhance the flavor and texture. 

This technique is used for soups, stews, and casseroles to elevate their taste. This represents the idea of finding your home all scented when coming back after a long day. Here, modern cooking uses granny’s style.

You can prepare meals using this technique and freeze them for the week. The machinery you will need for it can be bought at hardware stores to enhance your kitchen. 


Spiralizing has been popular for quite a while and brings health benefits. If you are Spiralizing almost without noticing, you can eat more vegetables than you can expect.

It is one of the healthiest ways to limit carbohydrates and have the same fun as eating pasta. It helps you to control your calorie intake with each meal. By using this fashionable technique, you can enjoy more vegetables and can manage your gluten intolerance.


This technique is known as the high-end cooking method, which is quite simple to achieve and practice. It involves the method of steeping a substance in a hot liquid. This helps the substance to extract the flavors.

This technique is commonly used in pressure cookers as the liquids begin to infuse into food. The flavors all depend on what type of food you are creating. For example, you can use oils, garlic, chili, or even black pepper. 

You can use the leftover liquids to add flavors to soups and stocks. This will bring additional moisture to the dish and make you bring something exceptional to the table. For infusions, you will not need any specific equipment or tools. A muslin cloth can help you extract the flavors of herbs and spices in the meals.

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