Editing PDF Files – Everything We Need to Know

Editing PDF Files

Editing a PDF file can be time-consuming and frustrating, but with the right tools and tips, you can make the process much easier.

Choose the appropriate PDF editing program

The first step is to choose the right software that will allow you to edit PDF files. There are many options available, such as Adobe Acrobat, SwifDoo PDF for Windows and Foxit PhantomPDF. Make sure the program you choose meets your needs and has the features you expect.

Secure the original PDF file

We recommend making a backup of the original PDF file before editing . This way you will avoid irreversible changes and data loss in the event of errors.

Text editing

When editing text in a PDF file, it is worth noting that some programs allow direct editing, while others require converting PDFs to another format, such as Word. If you convert, make sure the text formatting is preserved.

Inserting and deleting elements

If you need to add new elements, such as fonts, images, graphics or forms, it is worth using the insertion tools available in the selected program. Removing elements may be a bit more delicate, so it is worth remembering about protection against irreversible changes.

Bulleted list

Below is a short bullet list of steps to successfully edit PDF files:

  • Make a backup of the original PDF file.
  • Choose the appropriate PDF editing program.
  • Make sure the program has the features you need.
  • Edit text directly or after converting to another format.
  • Insert and remove items carefully.
  • Protect your file against irreversible changes.

Editing a PDF file can be a demanding task, but with the right tools and knowledge it becomes much easier. It is worth remembering to make a backup copy of the original file, choose the appropriate editing program and be careful when modifying the content. 

Thanks to this, you can achieve the desired results without stress and time loss.

Editing PDF files

It cannot be denied that the PDF format is most often used in companies. This is where important company files are saved, as well as documents generated for clients. Most often, we receive all invoices, certificates and other documents in this extension. We can open them both thanks to dedicated programs and also through browsers. 

However, this is not the main topic of our article. The point is that corrections and modifications to the PDF document are often necessary. And here it turns out that in many cases the programs available on the Internet are not very good at it.

However, it should only take us a few moments to make a small or major correction or modification to the document. Meanwhile, it is often a real torment when the software does not want to cooperate with us or is not tuned to what we expect. In our opinion, the online PDF edition, which is available instantly, works great in this case . We can use an online tool that will work as a PDF editor on various devices.

It often happens that there is no uniform program that will be equally available and work on Windows, iOS, Linux, iOS or Android. In such a situation, it is necessary to purchase licenses for other programs, which increases costs. Many people want to be able to edit a PDF file on both a computer and a smartphone – sometimes the latter is necessary for quick corrections when we are away from home or the office.

Online PDF Editing 

We would like to write a few words about why it is worth choosing an online solution. It offers:

  • Work on various operating systems,
  • Access from multiple accounts and devices,
  • Safe online work with files saved on the user’s account, where the portal uses HTTPS encryption, for example,
  • No configuration, you don’t need to install or set anything. Everything is ready for immediate use.

At the same time, such an online PDF editor is a solution that introduces many other tools. Just in the editing field alone, you can often count on functions such as: PDF editor, converting files to other extensions, compressing PDF files, combining and splitting them, entering annotations, digital signatures, extracting specific pages or fragments from documents. 

Additionally, it is possible to protect files with passwords, which increases their privacy.

Why can’t I edit the PDF file?

However, before we finish this material, we must also mention the reasons why PDF files cannot be edited. There are several of them and it is worth knowing them to be fully aware of what we will be able to do with our documents. 

The first obstacle to editing PDF files is permissions. The documents may simply have options set that make the entire process impossible. There are three types of permissions:

  • Read-only: Users can only view the file, but cannot edit it.
  • Edit: Users can edit text and images in the file, but cannot add or delete pages.
  • Forms: Users can fill out forms in the file, but cannot edit text outside the forms.

Additionally, make sure the PDF file is not password protected. This also makes it impossible to edit it without knowing it. 

Moreover, editing PDF files can be blocked by the file type itself. Frequently scanned documents are made available in PDF format. However, as you can easily guess, these consist of only images, not text. This means they cannot be edited using a text editor. Elements such as photographs etc. or even complex formatting can also be difficult to process in some programs.

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